Thursday, August 11, 2016

Outdoor Adventures!

Monday, July 25,2016

Today we brainstormed what we need to go camping. Below is the list our students came up with!

Camping and outdoor adventures
Making a campfire
Earn badges
Telling scary stories
Making a tent
Sleeping bags
Go on a bug hunt
Nature hunt
 We made a tent using a tarp
 We created our own bonfire!
 We found poles and sticks to use as fishing poles!

Tuesday , July 26,2016

Today we earned the safety and map reading badge! We discussed camp safety and using a map and compass to navigate unknown places!

 Lea is creating her compass
 We made our very own compasses!

We finished setting up camp with 1 large tent, 1 small tent, a homemade tarp tent, and a bonfire

 We even made camping binoculars using recycled materials and art supplies! We discussed binoculars are very common camp necessities.

Reading a map is very important for camping. Especially when you are in a unknown wooded area. Today we took a hike outside and created homemade maps of where we went and landmarks we saw. Many students even added a compass onto their map to show the different directions.

Wednesday, July 27, 2017

Today was an exciting day at camp! We had a special visitor, a boy scout! One of our very own professors at U of M Dearborn invited her son, who is almost an eagle scout! Mr. Jarron taught us lots of fun things about being a boy scout and camping! He showed us how to set up a camping cot and a tent. He was nice enough to let the children test out the cot! He also showed us all of his badges he has earned, as well as his large backpack full of camp gear. Mr. Jarron explained camp safety and what he keeps in his first aid kit! Finally, he worked with children in small groups to learn different types of knots!

 Jarron is teaching us how to set up a sleeping cot to put inside a tent
 Jarron passed around different examples of knots!
 The students were very excited!
 Mia testing out the sleeping bag and cot!
Elias testing out the sleeping bag and cot!

 Stephen testing out the sleeping bag and cot!
 Mr, Brent and Mr. Jarron set up another tent for us to see!
Inside we explored star gazing! This was so much fun! We darkened the block area and projected "stars" on the ceiling and wall. The children were able to lay down, gaze, look for stars, and tell stories!
 Here Mr. Jarron is teaching knots with Farrah and Nora
 Elias and Farah working hard on knot tying!
 Hassan is tying knots!
 Some students explored building with waffle blocks!

Other students explored making roads and cities in the block area!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Today we earned our knot tying badge! Each child got to explore with their very own rope and different types of knots. Some knots the children practiced were the square knot and the overhand knot!

Elias said  "I learned the cow hitch knot."

 Finished products!

This afternoon we made s'mores! We used pizza boxes and aluminum foil to make homemade solar ovens! This was really exciting! Students discovered that the chocolate and marshmallows would heat up from the foil reflecting off of the sun. After putting together s'mores we let them cook for about an hour. Once the s'mores were nice and toasty we got to enjoy them outside!

*** Please note we used Kosher Parve Marshmallows and used separate ovens for those children with chocolate/ nut/ dairy allergies***

Students were very interested in the star gazing again today! Some even came up with the idea to make telescopes to look at the stars!